Courses & Content

If you require bespoke training content designed and delivered exclusively for your organisation, I would be delighted to arrange an initial consultation to identify your organisation's L&D priorities and agree an appropriate training strategy that delivers the outcomes you are looking for.

I also undertake business consultancy work - for example, going businesses to help them set up a new contract desk, looking at candidate experience, creating competitive advantage through added value, or writing effective business proposals/tenders.

However, there are many topics within recruitment training that are relevant to pretty much every recruitment business, so if you are looking for a more immediate, 'off the peg' solution, there are a selection of courses available, including: 

  • Running a Successful Temporaries Desk

  • Employment Law for Recruiters

  • Overcoming Objections

  • Business Presentations

  • Candidate Sourcing

  • Delivering Exceptional Candidate Experience

  • So You're Going to Be a Manager?

The list is always being added to, so if you have a topic you would like to see being covered in future, please let me know

I have also started recording a series of bite-sized training video guides on some of the most commonly asked questions from recruiters. 

I have included a few examples below. 


You can find more of my bite sized videos on YouTube - and they're free!

Here's my bite sized introduction to temp to perm fees - exploding the myth of the free 12 week temp to perm and explaining what Regulation 10 of the Conduct Regulations says you can charge when a client takes your temp on permanently.

Here's my bite sized guide to the Agency Worker Regulations.  What does equal treatment after 12 weeks actually mean when you are dealing with temps? Do the Regs apply to Contractors as well? How does the qualifying clock work? And other questions answered...



My YouTube channel will include recruitment training guides, but I should warn you that it may also contain some videos relating to my amateur dramatics or even karaoke - we shall see!  You can find my channel here.